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We create opportunities and offer support for the Bonn Process. Thus, we develop a network to strengthen youth work across Europe together.

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The Bonn Process aims at strengthening and developing youth work further across Europe. Discover what the Bonn Process is and how you engage with others to strengthen youth work in your context!

Check out how you can get involved in your country and connect with like-minded individuals across Europe. Participate in events and engage on the topics you are passionate about.

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Two presentations about the Bonn Process for national contact points and for the Community of Practice

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Get inspired by the community of practice

Everybody who is active in and advocates for youth work is part of the youth work community of practice. We are connected by the common purpose to develop youth work further.

Read how the Bonn Process is designed to strengthen the community and why others have chosen to play an active role within the Bonn Process.

  • António Hilário de Matos
    As we continue to navigate the challenges posed by the ever-evolving youth context, the Bonn Process remains a crucial platform for the ongoing development and advancement of youth work. I strongly believe that by investing in the Bonn Process, we can continue to improve the quality and impact of youth work across Europe. 
    António Hilário de Matos Presidente da Direção, APPJuventude, Portugal
  • Katrin Olt, Estonia
    I am willing to commit to furthering the Bonn Process because I feel intrigued and challenged by what the added value of an international network is in developing and strengthening youth work and by how the community of practice can take ownership of the implementation process and recognise an agenda that everyone can follow. 
    Katrin Olt, Estonia Ministry of Education and Research
  • Aytaç Uzunlas
    As a youth worker and trainer, the Bonn Process means to me engaging in youth work development in my country and taking an active role in the youth work community of practice. 
    Aytaç Uzunlas, Turkey Youth worker and trainer
  • Protrait of Marko Kovacic
    The Bonn Process for me is a signpost that decision-makers at the EU and CoE level have finally heard what youth workers, youth researchers, and most importantly young people have been talking about for decades - youth work is here and it has a tremendous value for contemporary Europe. 
    Marko Kovacic, Croatia Youth Researcher
  • Rilke Mathieu
    For me, the Bonn Process is an opportunity to enrich youth work development processes in my country, by bringing in european perspectives. 
    Rilke Mahieu, Belgium-Flanders JINT - National Agency Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps

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  • Exchange Forum on the European Youth Work Agenda: Call for participants

    The Strategic National Agencies Cooperation project "SNAC Growing Youth Work" invites key stakeholders responsible for implementing the European Youth Work Agenda in their respective countries to the third "Exchange Forum on the European Youth Work Agenda: Boosting national processes for youth work development" from 11 to 14 November 2024 to Leuven, Belgium. read more
  • Funding for youth work development

    There are good news for everybody in the youth work field, who has great ideas, but lacks funding: A practical Guide for Beneficiaries inspires to link Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps projects with the European Youth Work Agenda. read more
  • Towards the 4th European Youth Work Convention

    2025 will see the 4th European Youth Work Convention take place. The Conventions are probably the single most important event series in the youth work calendar. To learn about the developments of this important event, we interviewed Marvic Debono, head of the youth sector with the National Agency in Malta responsible for Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps. read more
  • Implementing the European Youth Work Agenda in Ireland

    We met up with Jean-Marie Cullen and Janice McGarry to discover what is happening in youth work in Ireland and what the implementation of the European Youth Work Agenda looks like. Jean-Marie is the International Affairs Manager for the National Youth Council of Ireland and Janice is the National Coordinator for the Bonn Process in Ireland. read more
  • The European Conference on Local Youth Work and Democracy

    Judit Balogh has been involved in the youth sector since 2002. She is now employed by JINT, the Belgian/Flemish National Agency (NA) for Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps. In this interview, she tells us more about the results of the Belgian EU Presidency for the youth sector. read more

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