The Bonn Process

The Bonn Process is a joint effort to translate the European Youth Work Agenda into action and bring it to life. Designed to strengthen and further develop youth work throughout Europe, the Bonn Process wants to bring the commitment of the different stakeholders of the youth work community of practice into line.

It aspires to facilitate connections and cooperation within and between all levels of the community, ensure a more strategic and co-ordinated approach, and improve the framework conditions for youth work.

António Hilário de Matos
As we continue to navigate the challenges posed by the ever-evolving youth context, the Bonn Process remains a crucial platform for the ongoing development and advancement of youth work. I strongly believe that by investing in the Bonn Process, we can continue to improve the quality and impact of youth work across Europe. 
António Hilário de Matos Presidente da Direção, APPJuventude, Portugal

To achieve these aims, the Bonn Process follows several principles: it is self-empowering; appreciative and needs-based; coordinated; Europe-wide; works at and across all levels; it is subsidiary; locally anchored; and long-term and open.

To put the Agenda into Action, the Bonn Process develops priorities and strategies, plans measures, and implements activities at all levels and across all areas of youth work. A coordinated approach of the different stakeholders is important so they can engage hand in hand and in a strategic way. Monitoring and evaluation, further development and forward planning are among its key elements.

Mission of the Bonn Process: To put the European Youth Work Agenda into action and bring it to life.

The Bonn Process happens at all levels. At European level, it takes place under the umbrella of both European strategies in the field of youth. The funding instruments of the EU and of the Council of Europe are available for beneficiaries to use for activities under the Bonn Process. At national level, member States are encouraged to identify or establish national processes to link the working field with the Bonn Process.

Eight priority areas

The Bonn Process is about growing youth work throughout Europe. To do so, it has several priority areas:

  • develop and expand the youth work offer;
  • quality development;
  • a common direction for the youth work community of practice;
  • beyond the youth work community of practice;
  • promotion and recognition;
  • innovation and emerging challenges;
  • policy frameworks and
  • a strategic framework for youth work development.

The entire youth work community of practice in Europe with its various mandates, roles and capacities is encouraged to contribute to the development of youth work under the Bonn Process.

Please also refer to our factsheet on the Bonn Process (881.30 kB, pdf) and our infographic (157.61 kB, pdf).