Have you been working on certain themes for many years and are now looking for ways to connect your work with the Bonn Process? Or are you new to this field and want to help develop youth work further with your fresh ideas? Then listen up!

How to participate in the Bonn Process

There are many ways to be part of the Bonn Process.

Connect to others and create movement

  • Participate in events for the community
  • Use the networking spaces offered by the “Network for youth work development”, which is supported by the European Service Centre for the Bonn Process
  • Connect your national networks to European actors

Stay informed

  • Read and watch the information provided on this website about the European Youth Work Agenda, the Bonn Process, and the 3rd European Youth Work Convention.
  • Be inspired by our news section, subscribe to our newsletter and learn what others are doing
Aytaç Uzunlas
As a youth worker and trainer, the Bonn Process means to me engaging in youth work development in my country and taking an active role in the youth work community of practice. 
Aytaç Uzunlas, Turkey Youth worker and trainer

Design your own activities

  • Invite your networks to discuss how to connect your work with the Bonn Process
  • Organise your own activities to develop a certain aspect of youth work further (e.g., seminars, conferences, materials)
  • Make use of the Bonn Process Standard Presentation for the Community of Practice: the presentation explains the European Youth Work Agenda and the Bonn Process for everyone. You may find it helpful for your understanding and communication if you are engaging in youth work development regardless of your role. You can adapt and translate the presentation and add concrete information from specific youth work context (we kindly ask you to treat the underlying visual identity with respect, thank you

Get involved in your national process

  • Find out what’s going on in your country and get involved in the activities affiliated with your national process
  • Participate in national youth work events and tell the participants about the Bonn Process
  • Contribute your experience to the European debate

Strengthen your advocacy

  • Let the Bonn Process argue your case – reference the Bonn Process when speaking about your work (in project applications, in your advocacy work, in your public relations)
  • Read the final Declaration and the factsheet to learn how the Bonn Process can promote the topic you are passionate about

Increase your visibility

  • Tell us about your upcoming events and let us help you to spread the news and reach people from all over Europe (approach bonn-process@jfemail.de)
  • Link your work with the Bonn Process by putting your activities in the context of the Bonn Process