Cooperation project of National Agencies on the European Youth Work Agenda

The strategic cooperation project of the network of National Agencies wants to mobilise the EU youth programmes for developing and strengthening youth work across Europe.

The project is entitled “Strengthening youth work in Europe by supporting the implementation of the European Youth Work Agenda! (SNAC EYWA)” and is a part of the Bonn Process in Europe. SNAC EYWA is run by 16 National Agencies (NA) of Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps and SALTO Youth Resource Centres.

A strong cooperation project

16 National Agencies and SALTO Youth Resource Centres are working together to strengthen the European Youth Work Agenda.

Why this project?

The EU Council Resolution for a framework to establish a European Youth Work Agenda highlights the important role of the EU youth programmes Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps as central implementation instruments at European level. Both programmes foresee the provision of support and funding to facilitate the implementation of the Agenda in line with the programmes’ objectives.

The network of National Agencies and SALTO Resource Centres hence plays a crucial role in making the Bonn Process happen. They are intermediate bodies that liaise between the different stakeholders of the youth work community of practice, between the European and member States’ levels, and between youth work policy and practice. The NA network has unique opportunities to mobilise means and resources, especially the EU youth programmes.

The partners have adopted a plan for 2021 to 2023 to support the Bonn Process. The aim of SNAC EYWA is to open up opportunities on the one hand, and to advocate for a better recognition of what is going on in the network of National Agencies and the EU youth programmes concerning youth work on the other.

Rilke Mathieu
For me, the Bonn Process is an opportunity to enrich youth work development processes in my country, by bringing in european perspectives. 
Rilke Mahieu, Belgium-Flanders JINT - National Agency Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps

The six objectives

The project pursues six objectives in six work packages:

1. Supporting the active involvement of the entire network in the Bonn Process

  • Creates an informed, committed and engaged NA network
  • Defines the role of the network of National Agencies and SALTO Resource Centres in the Bonn Process
  • Implements NA staff events and develops materials and support measures

2. Promoting and mobilising the EU youth programmes as instruments for strengthening and developing youth work in the Bonn Process

  • Develops service package for funding formats of the EU youth programmes (information material for applicants, funding strategies, etc.) 
  • Develops service package for educational events
  • Establishes monitoring of the impact of the EU youth programmes on the Bonn Process and vice versa

3. Supporting National Agencies in helping to implement the Bonn Process in their national context

  • Empowers National Agencies to actively contribute to their national processes
  • Facilitates transfer of knowledge, inspiration and developments between the European and national levels
  • Sharing opportunities and support materials

4. Strengthening connections and synergies among youth work related activities of the NA network

  • Establishes a co-ordinated approach among the SNACs dealing with youth work development  
  • Facilitates joint planning, networking and communication
  • Supports a common visibility of youth work development within the NA network and the EU youth programmes

5. Implementing joint activities on specific topics of the Bonn Process

  • Sets priorities and achieves impact in specific thematic priority areas of the Bonn Process using EU youth programme resources
  • Carries out peer learning activities, training courses, and conferences

6. Supporting the Bonn Process in neighbouring partner countries

  • Promotes and mobilises the Bonn Process in the neighbouring partner countries of the EU, Eastern Europe and Caucasus and south-eastern Europe.


The strategic cooperation partners are the National Agencies for Erasmus + Youth and the European Solidarity Corps in Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany (coordinator), Hungary, Italy, , Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Turkey as well as SALTO Training and Cooperation, SALTO European Solidarity Corps, SALTO South East Europe and SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus.