Review of the Bonn Process Meet-up

The 2nd Bonn Process Meet-up invited all interested stakeholders in the youth work community of practice from all European countries to discuss and explore the Bonn Process. Virtual it took place on 27 and 28 June 2022 via Zoom.

The Bonn Process, launched at the 3rd European Youth Work Convention, is being implemented at all levels – from European to local – by the entire youth work community of practice.

A regular space for the community of practice

18 months after the 3rd European Youth Work Convention, the Meet-up was the second opportunity for the community of practice to discuss and explore the Bonn Process.

Besides providing an overview about recent developments, the event provided ample space for mutual inspiration and dialogue on the first activities and thematic priority areas of the Bonn Process.

Looking back and looking forward

Around 80 participants from a total of 30 countries participated in the two morning sessions on day 1.

Representatives of the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the EU-CoE Youth Partnership and the European Service Centre for the Bonn Process at JUGEND für Europa began by presenting their recent general activities under the Bonn Process to the community of practice.

In the following, two parallel sessions provided an opportunity for getting to grips with the basics terms and concepts around the European Youth Work Agenda and the Bonn Process for those who were new to the process, and to map current activities within the Bonn Process happening around Europe for those who were already involved and/or more experienced.

Space for mutual inspiration and dialogue on the first activities and thematic priority areas of the Bonn Process

The second day focused on initial discussions of the eight priority areas with the idea of building further cooperation depending on the specific needs and interests within these areas. A strong sense of engagement and commitment filled the virtual air.

Out of these discussions grew the idea to adjust future Meet-up formats to strengthen the bottom-up approach while maintaining the concept of flexible and growing engagement in the eight priority areas based on the needs and interests of the community of practice. Participants then split up for meetings in national groups and stakeholder groups, which provided further space for joint agreements and next steps.

Getting involved and staying informed

Before closing the 2nd Meet-up, participants learned about ways to stay or become involved in the Bonn Process at the European and national level.

To keep track of upcoming events, get news on what’s happening around Europe within the Bonn Process and discover service and support materials that are being developed for different target groups and contexts, the whole community of practice is warmly invited to regularly drop by the recently launched website at and to register for the new Bonn Process newsletter to stay tuned.